Corporate Deal Making


What is Corporate Deal Making?

A typical corporate deal-making means bringing together two or more parties to formally engage in a corporate exercise for a mutually beneficial purpose. The common corporate exercises include Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Investment, Divestment (Asset Disposals), Equity & Debt Financing and other innovative capital instruments.

What are the reasons for Corporate Deals?

There are several rationales why a company would want to engage in a corporate exercise.
Among them are :

  • A company would like to expand but lack of financial muscle or restricted by limited business resources
  • A company would like to monetize its assets but do not know how to deal with it
  • A big company is seeking alternative avenues to grow
  • A small company with big potential and intellectual property rights seeking to take-off
  • A company would like to leverage on another more reputable company to enhance its exponential growth
  • Two or more companies would like to merge their resources, usually unique to each other, to increase their competitive edge

The above are just basic reasons and there are many other reasons why more and more companies regardless of size are engaging in corporate deals.

What can Primer Capital do for you?

We are a solution-oriented firm with an extensive knowledge (know-how), network (know-who) and a competent team of in-house expertise to facilitate the corporate exercise needs of various target industries. We have developed an effective assessment framework and proprietary methodology for corporate deal-making and facilitation to ensure our clients' potentials are maximized strategically. Our know-how in deal-making ranges from few millions to billion deals.

We can structure win-win solutions to all our clients for the above-mentioned corporate exercise. Do “challenge” our best brains, we certainly have a solution for your Investment, Divestment, Financing, M&A and Pre-IPO needs.

Talk to us for your company expansion plan. Together, we will achieve your corporate goals for greater growth.