Job Recruitment Solutions


Project Management for Knowledge Workers Recruitment

We provide recruitment services to match competent local and foreign graduates with technical job opportunities offered by MNC's and local SME's. Our company, Primer Capital Sdn Bhd has substantial talent-acquisition experience with major Multinational Corporation and agency settings for candidates across a range of job functions and industries i.e. Plantation & Biomass Industries, Green Technologies (Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency), IT Sector and Property and Construction Sector.

We have achieved commendable track record in the past by recruiting highly competent Chief Financial Officer (CFO), IT graduates in various fields (call centre, e-commerce, software development, multimedia) as well as recruitment of foreign workers for a few public listed companies and award winning SMEs. We have developed multiple proprietary strategies dealing with recruitment of high-level and mid-level executives as well as fresh graduates.

Our recruitment consultants have various professional background i.e. engineering (computer, chemical, electrical etc), chartered accountants, surveying, MBA etc to connect brilliant and talented people in order to address business needs of the Employers for the above-mentioned targeted sector.

Additionally, our rich database of knowledge workers is constantly updated, we have the capacity to mobilise intern (from Asia and Europe) across the globe for jobs placement in Malaysia based on customised needs of the employers. Our strength lies with our people connection, technology-driven strategies as well as innovative solutions.